5 Cool (And Strange!) Things My Clients Packed in their Hospital Bags! | Dubai Birth Photographer

I'm sure that if you're pregnant, and nearly due, you've read at least ONE of the hundreds of posts online talking about what to pack in your hospital bag.. so I won't even go there because many people have written about this much better than I ever could.. at this point, adding to these posts would be information overload in my opinion haha :)

So, what I thought I would do instead, is talk about all the cool (and sometimes strange, but turns out, super useful!) things I've seen some of my clients pack in their hospital bags! So without further adieu, here's the list!

1. Tennis Ball
At first, I was super confused. I mean, we're in a hospital, not on a tennis court, so why in the world would my client have a tennis ball packed in her bag? Well, turns out, when labor intensified, her hubby would use the tennis to massage her lower back when his hands got tired, and, suddenly, what seemed super strange, made complete and total sense!

2. Stress Ball
This made total sense to me, but I must admit, I never thought of it before, so when I saw it being used during labor, I must admit I felt slightly sorry for that little ball. It took quite a beating!

3. Extra Sleeping pillows
We all know hospital pillows are NOT the most comfortable thing in the world. To see that my client actually knew that in advance was super impressive. Needless to say, her hubby was super comfy when it was time to go to sleep because he was all SET UP!

4. Body Pillow
Ok this one was a biggie for me. When I saw it the first thing that came out of my mouth was "GENIUS" A body sleeping pillow becomes a pregnant mom's BEST FRIEND during pregnancy, specially towards the end! One of my super awesome clients tucked herself comfortably into the hospital bed while she labored, and you know what? Not only did it LOOK comfortable, I'm sure it felt amazing to have all her body supported as she labored on her side in bed!

5. Diffusion Fragrance Sticks
When I walked into the last labor I attended, I wasn't sure if I walked into a living room or an actual hospital room. My client re-did the entire room to make it look and feel comfortable for her. But get this, she brought in her favorite scented diffusion sticks, and my God it smelled divine in there. I'm sure this was highly appreciated by the hospital staff as they walked in and out of the room because they kept talking about how lovely it smelled in the room!

Well, that about sums up the coolest hospital bag items things that made me go AHA. I'm definitely going to keep an eye out on this in the future, and who knows, maybe I'll come back and update this blog post again in the future!