Birth photography is unlike any other genre. There are no do-overs with birth. If a moment is gone, it is gone forever.


Before any contracts are signed, hands are shook, or money exchanged, it is important that you are 110% convinced that the person you are hiring to be your birth photographer, is totally and completely the most qualified person for the job. Your choice of a birth photographer is an integral part in ensuring your birth story is truly documented the way it deserves to be, and there are many ways to ensure that the right decision is being made about who to hire, and at the top of the list comes experience and professionalism.

Birth photography isn't like shooting a wedding; you can't just put a dress back on and "relive" the day. Birth photography is raw, uncut, documenting every single moment inside the labor room and beyond. Things are always happening, events moving at the speed of light sometimes, and an experienced birth photographer knows how to think, and act, two steps ahead of what is happening in the labor room to ensure the moments taking place are captured and not missed.  

Here are some suggestions to consider before hiring a professional birth photographer:

  • Do they have a business license? It is illegal to operate without a business license in the UAE.  
  • Check reviews on Facebook and Google. 
  • Experience is key, knowledge about childbirth and the labor process can really make a big impact on the overall experience. 
  • When you think you've identified someone, know that you should be entitled to an in-person consultation. Please do not take this lightly, it is so incredibly important that you are comfortable with every single person that will be present inside your birth space on delivery day, and your birth photographer is no exception to rule, this works the other way around as well. The best way to ensure that you are all a good fit for each other is to meet as a couple with your birth photographer and get to know each other.
  • Ask them how many births they have covered? How long have they been in business? What is the longest labor they've attended? The shortest? What is their experience with birth in general?
  • When looking at their work, look at their portfolio, does it look and feel good to you? Does it resonate with you? Is it consistent? Have they demonstrated growth in their skills? Are the pictures getting better or worse with time?