This is the day your life will forever be changed.

The day you become a dad.


A birth photographer immediately frees up Dad's hands, and attention, to focus on mom and be present in the moment.It allows him to be the support she needs while she works her way through the intense waves of labor, instead of being busy trying to capture shots of what is going on in the room. There is no pressure to take any pictures or video or to "live" the moment behind a black screen. A professional birth photographer is able to fully step into the role of documenting this momentous event the way it truly deserves. Imagine a Dad that is able to be truly immersed and enjoying his first moments with his new baby, cutting the cord, having skin to skin with his young one, or even just making the mental adjustment of the reality of his new life and how his definition of love will forever be changed. We often forget that pregnancy and birth are both journeys that affect EVERYONE in the family. The birth of a new baby is the birth of a new mother, father, sibling, grandparent... Don’t forget that this is their story too, how lovely would it be if they all get to be in the pictures too?